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"R" 4-Step Lawn Program

To achieve a beautiful lawn throughout the season, we recommend "R" 4-Step Lawn Program. Just as grass needs water to grow, proper nutrients are needed in the soil too. That's where "R" 4-Step Lawn Program comes in. This program targets many of the common pests and feeds your lawn appropriately for the year. No property is too large or small for us – 10,000 square feet or 10 acres – we have the equipment and expertise to effectively treat your lawn and make it weed free. We can make your lawn look great.
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Total Vegetation Control Program

Ever tired of unwanted weeds and vegetation in your driveway, rock bed and alley? We have a solution for you. With just two applications per year we can keep those areas free from vegetation. It's safe around existing trees and shrubs. This program is excellent on gravel and rocks where the topsoil is covered. We also care for parking lots and around businesses that pride themselves in keeping their properties tidy and clean. Have us take a look and give you a free quote.
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Tree & Shrub Care Program

Our techs can diagnose and create a plan to keep your most valuable landscape plants healthy


Aeration is recommended once or twice a year. It gives needed space for root growth, loosens the soil to allow better water and air filtration, along with creating nutrient mobility. Aeration prevents soil compaction and allows good filtration of water in the lawn. It also helps control and prevent water runoff, dry spots and certain diseases. Fertilizer and water can then get to the roots of the grass and begin to work systematically.

Weed Control

Trained and licensed by the Colorado and Nebraska Departments of Agriculture, we know what it takes to control weeds.

Yard Clean Up

Don't let those leaves, seed pods, or corn husks ruin your day. Spring, Fall or any time in between, have our professionals get rid of them in a hurry!


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Why do I need your 4-step program?

The right timing, the proper amount, at a cost that make sense!

What do your services cost?

To give you an accurate quote we need to send a tech out to your property. While we are there we can assess your lawn and tree care needs. We are more then happy to do so at no charge with no obligation. Click "GET A FREE QUOTE" above and fill in the necessary details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I access my account online?

Click on My Account at the top of this page and you will be directed to the login page. From there follow the directions on that page.

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History of R Lawn

     R Lawn was founded by Bob and Dee Biesecker and has been a locally owned and operated family company since 1987. Raising six kids, Bob’s necessity to create income during his summers off from being a school teacher was born. The business quickly grew to be much more than just fertilizing lawns. They knew the time and effort it takes to create and care for a beautiful lawn. Being a chemistry major in college allowed Bob to formulate proprietary blends of fertilizer for the changing needs of the area. It’s his knowledge and attention to detail that allows your lawn and trees to not only survive but THRIVE.

     R Lawn’s personal attention gives your lawn and trees the edge it needs with the right formula at the right time – Bob’s special blend. The Biesecker work ethic was passed down and now the little family company employs one daughter, two sons, five grandsons, extended family and loved ones in our local thriving business. Today a full-service lawn company is the reality of what Bob and Dee envisioned years ago. It all began with the vision of greening up some lawns and is now a 4-Step Lawn Care Nutrition Program, Tree Preservation Program, Total Vegetation Control, Lawn Mowing, Aeration and Clean up services, along with Sprinkler Repair and Installation.

     They have very skilled lawn and tree technicians that are licensed commercial applicators by the Colorado Department of Agriculture and Nebraska Department of Agriculture. Start to finish total lawn services…. there isn’t a job too big or too small.

     We truly care for your lawn like it’s “R” lawn.

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